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Translation dictionary, Bilingual dictionary and Multilingual translation dictionary. (with references). January 23, 2007

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A translation dictionary (or sometimes translator) is a specialized lexicon designed for giving users rough equivalences of words and phrase equivalences between two distinct languages. A user desiring a translation using a translation dictionary may start with the words or phrases in his own language, the source language, and reference words or phrases in the foreign language, or target language, for speaking and writing. Conversely, for listening and reading works in a foreign tongue, there is a second section of the dictionary designed for converting the foreign expressions as the source back to the user’s own language (as the target). For example, an “English-Spanish Translation Dictionary” will include one section for translations from English to Spanish, and one for Spanish to English, though both sections will be designed with the English speaker in mind, as indicated by ‘English’ appearing first in the language pair.

Sample bilingual dictionaries online:

Some multilingual translation dictionaries:

Useful others:


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